Best CBD Oil for Diabetes

Unfortunately, all of us know of at least one person that has diabetes. That’s how prevalent this disease is. According to the WHO research and survey, around 422 million people suffer from diabetes around the globe. 

That’s a massive amount for just one disease. This single disease accounts for around 2 million deaths each year. That’s a lot of people. This number has only increased since 1940. A steady ascend has been observed in the number of people suffering from diabetes and simultaneously the amounts of people dying due to their diabetes condition have also increased.

According to definition, diabetes is a disease in which the person suffering has blood sugar and blood glucose levels are too high. By nature, our body knows how to deal with most conditions. Problems arise when our body’s natural work mechanism or defense mechanism is compromised. 

Let’s take a look at the best CBD oil for diabetes in 2024!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Spruce 2400mg CBD Oil

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab verified
  • Independently tested
  • Native and organic

Diabetes can be regarded as one of the most common existing problems faced by the people of today’s age. It is a chronic health issue in which the pancreas fails to produce the hormone insulin which is needed to regulate the blood sugar levels in the human body. 

However, diabetes is amongst the list of health problems that can be therapeutically treated using CBD oils.  Spruce is one of the well-reputed companies working in the CBD market. Amongst their wide variety of oils is the 2400mg variant, which is derived from unrefined and all-natural constituents.

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Best CBD Oil for Diabetes – Product Reviews

Top 10 CBD Oil for Diabetes out there

Spruce 2400 mg CBD Oil

Diabetes can be regarded as one of the most common existing problems faced by the people of today’s age. It is a chronic health issue in which the pancreas fails to produce the hormone insulin which is needed to regulate the blood sugar levels in the human body. 

However, diabetes is amongst the list of health problems that can be therapeutically treated using CBD oils.  Spruce is one of the well-reputed companies working in the CBD market. Amongst their wide variety of oils is the 2400mg variant, which is derived from unrefined and all-natural constituents. 

The teams of skilled professionals have concocted the formula after extensive research to provide consumers with a safe harbor against issues like diabetes. The oil boasts a full spectrum cannabis extract which is obtained via carbon dioxide. 

The extraction process maintains the freshness and quality of the product as advertised. The oil proves useful as studies have shown that it acts positively on the endocannabinoid system in the human body. This system is responsible for metabolic activity. CBD also helps regulate blood sugar levels to a good extent. 

The product is duly attested via independent and local laboratory testing procedures. The test results are kept transparent to the public to clear any doubts about the presence of harmful compounds.


  • Organic 
  • Vegan-oriented
  • No dairy ingredients 
  • Devoid of gluten 
  • Non-GMO  
  • Third-party attested


  • Includes 0.3% THC; can pop up on drug tests.

Spruce 750mg Lab-grade CBD Oil

Being a well-renowned company, Spruce markets a wide variety of CBD oils which gives customers a lot of options to choose from. Their 750mg variant is also beneficial in alleviating the issues such as diabetes and hypertension. 

The product comes laced with unrefined and pure constituents that prove beneficial for healthy living. Like all their variants, this product also possesses cannabis extract which proves beneficial in regulating blood sugar levels due to its action on the human endocannabinoid system. 

The extraction process is carried out using the CO2 procedure, keeping the quality of the product intact and as advertised. The CBD products are Full-spectrum, which means they contain complete cannabinoids and not just one or two parts like most oils. 

Most first-time users would have doubts about the product quality. However, Spruce has an answer for those doubts in their quality attestation obtained from independent as well as local laboratory testing procedures. 

The CBD product is best utilized by placing the capsule under the tongue, it helps the product to be absorbed directly into the human bloodstream. This maximizes the action and efficacy of the product.


  • Plant-based
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Full Spectrum 
  • No sweeteners 
  • Devoid of pesticides 
  • Third-party attestation


  • The oil has THC

Spruce 4800mg Extra Strength CBD Oil

The third variant of the CBD range from Spruce is the 4800mg oil. It is coherent with all the other variants but also boasts an extra advantage which is its maximum potency. All around the world, many people are diabetic and try all sorts of medications for treating their condition. 

However, the best way is to go for natural treatment using CBD oils. The product packs a 3800mg kicking dose of cannabinoid extracted from the most reliable and safe crude sources. CO2 procedure is utilized from extraction to keep the freshness and quality of the product intact. 

The cannabinoid has been medically proven to regulate proper levels of blood sugar and can aid diabetic people to a great extent. The skilled research team at Spruce has concocted the best formula for consumers which is duly verified from their local labs as well as hold attestations from independent lab tests. 

The product is organic and does not possess any harmful compounds or heavy metals.


  • Vegan-oriented 
  • Non-GMO 
  • Devoid from gluten
  • Full Spectrum 
  • No stabilizers 
  • Laboratory-attested


  • Contains the slightest amount of THC, might alert drug tests.

Spruce 400mg Extra Strength (Sample Size)

This variant of Spruce’s CBD Oil is no different from its counterparts. The only difference is that this variant is marketed in a sample-sized bottle, as it is directed towards the new users who are mostly keen on testing the product before becoming a regular user. 

Like its counterparts, this product is also based on cannabinoids derived from plants that are sourced from safe and reliable origins. The CBD is derived via the carbon dioxide extraction procedure. This step helps in maintaining the quality of the product and keeps freshness intact. 

The product has proven beneficial for first-time users and has aided them in battling diabetes. This has also prompted a lot of first-timers to become regular consumers of the product. Spruce makes sure that all products are duly verified for use via independent and local lab tests. 

The test results are kept transparent for public view to clear any doubts about the quality of the products. The sample packaging also comes with a dropper that helps measure the accurate dosages. It is advised to discuss with a physician before using any such products.


  • All organic plant-based 
  • Vegan-oriented
  • Diabetic-oriented  
  • No sweeteners


  • A sample-sized bottle contains less content. 
  • Includes 0.3% of THC that can pop up on drug tests.

Cheef Botanicals CBD Oil

Another name in the list of well-reputed CBD manufacturers is Cheef Botanicals. People battling with diabetes have found the usage of this product quite helpful. The CBD is medically known to have positive effects on the human endocannabinoid system helping regulate blood sugar levels. 

Cannabinoid extracted from safe and reliable plant sources using the process of carbon dioxide distillation is the major constituent of the oil. The oil is said to be Full spectrum, meaning it contains the CBD extract as a whole and not just some parts of it. 

The freshness and quality of oil also remain intact as a result of CO2 distillation. The company has never had any issues regarding quality. All products are duly attested via local and independent lab testing. The company makes sure no stone is left unturned in providing consumers with the best quality product.



  • 100% pure
  • Plant-based
  • Laboratory attested
  • No THC presence 
  • Non-GMO


  • None to be mentioned

Envy Hemp 1500mg CBD Oil

Envy Hemp is yet another name listed amongst the top-ranked marketer of CBD products. They have a wide product range including CBD tinctures, oils, and creams. It has a dedicated consumer base owing to its efficacy in treating diabetes and other such medical problems. 

Like other CBD products, Envy Hemp also focuses on the cannabinoid which it sources from cannabis plants grown in their farms. The CBD is extracted via CO2 distillation to provide the best quality and freshness in the final product. 

The company uses certified American Hemp, and all of the products undergo local and independent lab tests for verifications. The verifications clear any doubts about the presence of any harmful substances.


  • Plant-sourced
  • Laboratory attested
  • No THC presence 
  • Non-GMO   
  • No flavor


  • None to be mentioned

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlotte’s Web is another leading manufacturer of CBD products. Its wide range also contains a variety of CBD oils in various potencies. All of the oils have been found beneficial in aiding against diabetes and other related medical conditions. 

The company makes the CBD oil in separate batches utilizing an alcohol extraction process. The process makes sure the best mix of cannabinoids along with terpenes and flavonoids is made available for the consumers. The excess alcohol is eliminated from the final product. 

CW prefers quality and freshness in its products. Strict testing protocols are enforced and the products undergo a double testing phase via local and independent facilities. The verifications add to the authenticity of the product.


  • Plant-sourced
  • Laboratory attested 
  • USA Certified Hemp   
  • Different flavors


  • Minor traces of THC can be picked up in drug tests. 

CBDistillery CBD Oil

Founded not long ago, CBDistillery has cemented its name in the top-notch companies that market CBD products owing to its high-quality products. The company has created a good consumer base owing to the purity and efficacy of its products. 

Having a certified U.S. Hemp Authority, the company sources the cannabinoid from the best cannabis plants and provides consumers with a medically efficient formula. The products are duly tested via local and third-party facilities before being finalized, which adds to their authenticity. 

The best part about CBDistillery products is that they are completely free from THC, so no more worries of any drug tests returning positive anymore! Moreover, the tests also verify that oils are devoid of any kind of harmful substances.


  • Plant-sourced
  • Laboratory attested 
  • The U.S.A. Certified Hemp   
  • No THC presence
  • Full Spectrum


  • Expensive

Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil

Lazarus Naturals is another name that has to be mentioned amongst the top-ranked manufacturers of CBD oils. The company has enjoyed success owing to the efficacy of its product range in battling diabetes and related medical issues. 

The product is based on cannabinoids derived from cannabis plants using an ethanol extraction procedure. The constituents and procedures utilized in the production of the oils are completely safe and reliable. 

The ethanol extraction makes sure the best mix of ingredients is delivered in the final formula that can show maximum efficiency. The product has minute traces of coconut oil that might not fit well with some users. 

All products are duly scrutinized in local and third-party facilities to maintain the complete validity and authenticity of the finalized products. The test results are available for public view, in the form of a QR code on the packaging.


  • Plant-based
  • Laboratory attested 
  • Ethanol extracted   
  • Full Spectrum
  • Organic


  • Minor traces of coconut oil.
  • Not evaluated by FDA.

Joy Organics CBD Oil

Joy Organics ranks amongst the notable companies to market CBD products. The oil is laced with organic and reliable ingredients that aid in treating diabetes and relevant medical conditions. The product also has a wide range of potencies for treating different kinds of issues. 

People who have resorted to other supplements have found Joy Organics oil to be very useful and effective. The oil contains the perfect balance of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to give that needed action against diabetes. 

The package comes with a dropper to help measure the perfect dosage. The key to effective treatment is a consistent dosage. The product boasts safe, non-GMO, and plant-based constituents. Joy Organics duly scrutinizes its products before finalizing them. 

They conduct tests via local and third-party facilities to validate and authenticate the quality of their products.


  • Plant-sourced
  • Non-GMO 
  • Free from THCs
  • High absorption rate


  • None as to be mentioned

Best CBD Oil for Diabetes – Buying guide

Whilst diabetes needs proper medical guidance and treatment to be kept under control, there are a lot of ways we have now that can make the process easier and less hectic. One of such things is CBD. How does CBD come into play you ask, CBD has had anti-inflammatory properties, this we know. 

This allows the body to reduce insulin resistance. CBD has shown great potential in being a great addition to the diabetic person’s regimen. This is why we have constructed a guide here to help you understand and choose better. 

CBD Oil – What is it?

Relatively, THC has had lots of research and experimental work done on it. CBD, not so much. It is rather difficult to say anything about the properties of CBD with 100% confidence. CBD is getting researched by several scientists for several properties and CBD has shown positive results and great potential. 

Up till now, CBD-based products have been approved by the FDA to be used by patients suffering from epilepsy but have made their way into the market for some other diseases and conditions as well. As mentioned above, CBD or cannabidiol is a botanic chemical usually extracted from the marijuana plant. 

Aside from healing and relaxing properties, CBD has also been seen to have anti-inflammatory properties. Let’s talk a little bit about how the product really works and how it can help with the diabetes condition. 

CBD works by bringing cannabinoids into the body by triggering the endocannabinoid system. This newly produced amount of cannabinoids then bind to its specific receptor which is the CB1 and CB2.  Most of these 2 receptors are present in the brain and help the brain to assist in movement and appetite. 

The binding of the cannabinoids to CB2 receptors present on the immune system will eventually trigger the inflammatory response and will also weaken the pain perception. Along with these functions, CBD has also been seen to reduce blood sugar levels. 

CBD and Diabetes

First, let’s take a deeper dive into different types and categories of diabetes. As of now, there are only 2 main types of diabetes discovered. 

Type 1

When a person suffers from type 1 diabetes, this means that the body is not making any insulin at all. This is due to a type of default system error as the immune system of the body triggers itself to kill the cells in the pancreas. 

These cells are responsible for the production and release of insulin in the body. The lack of such cells means that no insulin will not be naturally produced. Unfortunately, as of now, there is no other practical aid that can help correct this bodily error or even reverse it. 

The person suffering from type 1 has to rely on artificial insulin injections for the rest of their lives.

Type 2

Type 2 diabetes means that the body of the sufferer does produce insulin, but not quite enough. It seems like a disconnect as the produced amount is either too little to actually digest the normal amount of glucose present in the body. 

The body is having a hard time managing and maneuvering that insulin so that it can digest the glucose. Either way, the blood sugar levels will rise and hence, need medical assistance i-e insulin injections most of their lives too. 

The common age group of people who suffer from type 2 diabetes is middle ages to older folks.

How CBD helps

CBD aids this whole insulin-lacking fiasco in several ways. 

Browning Fat

Several different research has shown that obesity and diabetes go hand in hand. In several cases, diabetes is either triggered or worsened by obesity. Other than that, it is proven that obese people are more likely to acquire diabetes. 

This is because the extra layers of white fat can numb the cells towards the glucose in the blood. This encourages insulin resistance and in the end causes diabetes. Diabetic patients are also more susceptible to obesity. 

The fat that diabetic people start to acquire as a result of cell numbness to glucose is white. This white fat is all the glucose that the body is storing as it is not being used by the body. What CBD does is that it turns the white fat into brown fat, this is called fat browning. 

This brown fat is more readily available for the body to utilize during workouts and exercises, making it easier to lose all the weight. 

Lessening Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance means that the body is unable to pick up glucose from the blood. This obviously will end up increasing the amount of glucose in the blood and the stored fat content. This is the most commonly seen diabetes type 2. 

Some research has shown that CBD can improve and encourage the cell to uptake glucose and even lessen the insulin resistance so that the glucose or fragment portion of it can be absorbed.  

Anti-inflammatory Actions

It has been mentioned a bunch of times above that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. This property has been the most useful as of now. Here, the property of the CBD is more preventative than curing. 

Research has shown that before diabetes type 1 symptoms start to show when the pancreatic cells start to swell up. This swelling is what causes the cells to lose their structural and functional integrity. The use of CBD will reduce pancreatic swelling and hence can delay the onset of diabetes. 


The negative stigma around the CBD and its related products mixed with the consistent ban on all hemp-related products results in the general hesitancy of the public to reach out for CBD-related products. Since the general public is misinformed or not informed enough to know what causes the “high” sensation. 

As discussed earlier, THC is the contributing factor while CBD is not. But, since both are extracted from the same plant, they are usually confused. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is listed as a schedule 1 drug. Schedule drug 1 drugs are harmful and dangerous chemicals that can cause dependency on those drugs as well. 

CBD, on the other hand, is not a scheduled drug and can easily be used by the general public. FDA has even approved a few CBD-based products, most notably the one used for the treatment of epilepsy. It can also be used for many other reasons. 

Just like with any other product, it is advised to not buy any product hastily. Make sure to google the reviews of the product you’re interested in to get a better idea about the performance of the product. Also, make sure to read the list of ingredients to know if you’re allergic to any ingredient. 


Most oil packaging will mention the recommended dosage with age. It is better to start with the recommended dose. For first-timers, it is usually recommended to start small. This will allow the body to get accustomed to the new oils, highly recommended for people with a sensitive gut. 

Starting small will also help you get to safely get to know if you’re allergic to some of the additives in the products. The recommended dose is usually anywhere from 20mg of CBD to 30mg of CBD. This roughly translates to 4 to 6 drops of CBD oil. 

Best CBD Oil for Diabetes – FAQs

1. Does CBD increase blood pressure?

There seems to be a stigma that CBD does so but as of now, there are no reported cases of CBD increasing blood pressure. 

2. What are some of the health benefits of CBD?

CBD has been noted to lower both blood sugar levels and cholesterol and increase insulin production.

Best CBD Oil for Diabetes – Conclusion

Diabetes is a really hard disease to live with. You have to tap your whole routine and just live around your medications. A slight mishap can really threaten the patient’s life. Diabetes brings about a lot of complications and suffering. 

There is help and medical assistance available for diabetics. Make sure to consult your doctor before making any changes in your meds, diet, or routine. Diabetes is a serious disease and should be treated so. Get one of the best CBD oil for diabetes that we have reviewed above and see your life take a turn for the better!