Best Natural Supplements for ADHD for Kids

ADHD is the acronym used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Children suffering from this disease need to have physical exercise incorporated into their routine daily so that their hyperactivity keeps at bay. If physical exercise is limited, other symptoms of ADHD start to present including agitation, bouts of anger, and irritability. 

First of all, parents need to understand that it is not sugar that’s making your kid hyperactive. Rather, it is a disease that manifested itself due to deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals or it was encoded in the kids’ genes. 

Either way, the solution revolves around supplemental treatment. In some studies, researchers have identified certain minerals whose deficiency is strongly linked with ADHD. They also found some natural elements that contain within themselves the ability to reduce hyperactivity and keep ADHD in children at bay. 

Below is a list of the best natural supplements for ADHD that are available in the market to battle your child’s ADHD. If you still have some ambiguity regarding the best natural supplements for ADHD you can always refer to our buying guide to have a clear picture of ADHD supplements!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Spruce CBD Oil is filled with safe and clean ingredients. The oil is a decent choice for preventing ADHD. ADHA is a mental disorder spotted in children. It is essential to give them nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for healthy brain growth.

Spruce CBD Oil is packed with natural and tested ingredients. The ingredients are non-GMO verified, dairy-free, and gluten-free. It is tested in the lab during manufacturing. The oil is also sent for testing by a third party.

The 10 Best Natural Supplements for ADHD – Products Comparison




Best Natural Supplements for ADHD – Product Reviews

Top 10 Natural Supplements for ADHD out there

Spruce 750 mg CBD Oil

Spruce CBD Oil is filled with safe and clean ingredients. The oil is a decent choice for preventing ADHD. ADHA is a mental disorder spotted in children. It is essential to give them nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for healthy brain growth.

Spruce CBD Oil is packed with natural and tested ingredients. The ingredients are non-GMO verified, dairy-free, and gluten-free. It is tested in the lab during manufacturing. The oil is also sent for testing by a third party. 

It is free of preservatives, pesticides, artificial flavors, and additives. There are no heavy metals, toxins, pollutants, and other environmental contaminants present in the oil. The oil has hemp seed extracted from organic farms.

The hemp provides relaxation and calms the mind. It is full-spectrum oil that contains additional cannabinoids. The benefits of the oil are beyond explanation. It has supporting vitamins that improve cognition and mental clarity.


  • It is all-natural CBD Oil
  • The oil contains vegan-friendly ingredients 
  • It is a Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • It has no artificial flavors 
  • The oil is tested Chemical-free  
  • The packaging is Lab Grade 
  • It is third-Party tested


  • It has THC content (less than 0.3%)

Performance Lab Omega-3

The omega-3 is a beneficial supplement for ADHD. It is full of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for the healthy growth of the brain. Omega-3 prevents stress and anxiety. It improves cognition, mental clarity, and concentration.

The supplement is packed with vegan, clean, and safe ingredients. Omega-3 delivers EPA and DHA to the brain and body. Fatty acids improve the immunity of the brain and also helps to enhance cognition. 

The omega-3 in the supplement is obtained from the algae that are safe for aquatic life and humans. There are no harmful contaminants present in the supplement. The supplement recovers, restores, and repairs the cell membrane. 

The supplement also supports heart health and the immune system. It is tested for safety and purity. The supplement is free of heavy metals, preservatives, artificial flavors, and additives. The capsules are easy to swallow as they do not have any taste.


  • The supplement is vegan-friendly
  • It improves the cognition
  • It maintains heart health
  • It supports the immunity system and vision
  • The supplement calms the mind 
  • Omega-3 in the supplement is plant-based


  • None

Mind LAB Pro

Mind Lab Pro is an effective and vegan-friendly supplement for the brain. It has safe ingredients for the brain and body. The supplement contains vitamins, mineral oils, and nutrients that support cognition and improves mental clarity.

ADHD is a common brain disorder in children. It is essential to feed essential nutrients that improve brain health. Mind Lab Pro ingredients are clean, safe, and tested. The supplement reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.

It contains 11-nootropics and 6 bio-pathways. These two combine and promote healthy brain growth. The supplement relieves pain, inflammation, and strains. It has non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free. 

The supplement boosts the brain’s energy and immunity. It protects the brain from further damage. Irregular sleep is not good for health. Mind Lab Pro helps to improve the sleep cycle. It makes your brain strong.

The supplement contains Lion’s Mane and Bacopa Monnieri. These two perform very important tasks. These help to maintain blood circulation, sugar-levels, heart health, vision, and nervous system.


  • It is a plant-based supplement 
  • The supplement improves cognition 
  • It reduces stress and anxiety 
  • It supports immunity and the nervous system 
  • Maintains heart health 
  • It provides memory support


  • None

Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind is a decent pick for ADHD. It is filled with clean, safe, and effective ingredients. It is very important to start taking essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for healthy brain growth.

The supplement is filled with plant-based ingredients. It enhances cognition and supports the nervous system. The supplement improves the sleep cycle and makes you feel energetic. The supplement is efficient in reducing stress and preventing anxiety.

It has NutriCaps containing vitamins and iron. These help you battle against stress and fatigue. The capsules are odorless and flavorless which makes them easy to swallow. It also elevates the mood and promotes calmness.

The ingredients of the supplement give energy to the brain and improve immunity. It protects the brain against disorders. The ingredients are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and dairy-free. It is tested for safety and purity.

The supplement is free from artificial additives, preservatives, and pesticides. Each batch is distilled and free of heavy metals and toxins. The supplement helps to improve sleep, blood circulation, heart health, and vision.


  • It is a plant-based 
  • It improves mental clarity 
  • It supports heart health
  • It relieves anxiety and stress
  • The supplement controls sugar-levels


  • None

Performance Lab Stim

Performance Lab Stim is an effective supplement for ADHD. The supplement improves cognition and brain performance. It is filled with safe, clean, and plant-based ingredients. The supplement is tested for safety and purity. 

The supplement helps to promote the good health of the brain. It prevents depression and stress. It has efficient nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It improves the sleep cycle and helps your brain battle against fatigue. 

The supplement is free of heavy metals, toxins, and other pollutants. It boosts the energy and immunity of the brain. The capsules are easy to swallow as they do not have any taste and odor. It promotes calmness in the brain and body.

The ingredients are non-GMO verified, gluten-free, and dairy-free. It has NutriCaps which contains vitamins and iron. It helps you stay strong against fatigue. The caffeine in the supplement helps you stay energized throughout the day.


  • It is a plant-based supplement 
  • It improves cognition 
  • The supplement relieves stress and anxiety 
  • It boosts brain’s energy
  • It supports the nervous system


  • None

Joy Organics CBD Oil

Joy Organic CBD Oil is a high-quality oil. It is filled with organic, clean, and safe ingredients. The oil is very beneficial for ADHD. It has no odor and taste, so you can consume it easily. The oil contains nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for healthy brain growth. 

It is tested in the lab during manufacturing. The oil is free of preservatives, pesticides, artificial flavors, and sweeteners. Each batch is approved by third-party testing. The oil has no heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins. 

The oil is THC-free which is a good thing. It is a broad-spectrum oil and contains additional cannabis benefits. The oil prevents stress, anxiety, and depression. The oil supports the nervous system and promotes cognition. 

The hemp in the oil is extracted from organic farms. It promotes relaxation and calmness in the brain and body. The oil has a fast absorption rate, and it dissolves quickly in the bloodstream. It has non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free ingredients.



  • The oil is vegan-friendly 
  • The oil is lab-tested for purity 
  • It is tested by a third-party  
  • The oil is THC-free
  • It is Broad Spectrum 
  • The oil has a fast absorption rate


  • None as such

Spruce 2400 mg CBD Oil

Spruce 2400 mg CBD Oil is high in strength. The oil has a unique formula and absorbs quickly. It has safe, clean, and pure ingredients. The oil is a good pick for ADHD. It is easy to consume as it has no taste and odor. 

The oil is tested in the lab during manufacturing. It has no additives, artificial flavors, and preservatives present. Each batch is tested by a third-party to make sure it’s pure and organic. The oil prevents stress, anxiety, and depression. 

It has non-GMO verified, cruelty-free, and dairy-free ingredients. The oil has the hemp-extracted from the organic farms. It promotes relaxation and calmness of the brain. The oil improves sleep, cognition, and brain performance.


  • It is organic 
  • It improves brains performance 
  • The hemp promotes relaxation
  • The oil is tested for purity 
  • It is full-spectrum 
  • The oil prevents anxiety


  • It contains THC

Doctor’s Best

Doctor’s Best is a decent supplement with a quick absorption rate. The supplement contains safe, clean, and pure ingredients. It prevents anxiety, stress, and depression. The ingredients are plant-based. 

The supplement has a decent amount of magnesium. It promotes relaxation in muscles and joints. The supplement supports the nervous system. It promotes healthy brain growth. The supplement helps to improve the sleep cycle. 

It boosts the brain’s performance and provides energy. The supplement has vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of your immunity system. It is tested for purity and safety. The supplement has additional benefits. 

It supports heart health, vision, blood circulation, and bone density. The ingredients are non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free. It provides long-lasting brain support. The supplement also helps to relieve pain, inflammation, and stressed muscles. The supplement is easy to swallow and is gentle on the digestive system.



  • It is plant-based 
  • It supports the digestive system
  • The supplement has fast absorption
  • It prevents fatigue 
  • The supplement boosts the brain’s performance  
  • It reduces anxiety


  • It is expensive

Barlean’s Organic Omega-3

Barlean’s Organic contains an essential brain nutrient which is omega-3. It supports the nervous system and boosts energy. The supplement contains safe, clean, and pure ingredients. It also controls heart health, vision, and cholesterol level.

The supplement is easy to consume as it has a mild natural flavor. It is easy to dissolve in any beverage. The supplement is available in peach, mango, banana, and strawberry flavors. It is rich in DHA and EPA. 

The omega-3 is obtained from algae which is a plant. It is safe from any ocean-borne diseases. The supplement has a decent amount of vitamin-D that helps to stay strong against fatigue. It prevents anxiety and stress.

The supplement is sugar-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. It digests quickly and does not disturb the digestive system. The supplement has no preservatives, additives, and artificial flavors.



  • It has natural flavors 
  • It is sugar-free
  • The supplement is vegan 
  • It controls heart health
  • It has fast absorption 
  • The supplement is ultra-purified


  • It is costly


Acuvea is a high-quality and natural supplement for the brain. The supplement is manufactured from organic, clean, pure, and safe ingredients. It has FDA registered ingredients. ADHA is prominent in children. It is essential to feed a good amount of nutrients for healthy brain growth.

The supplement supports cognition and boosts energy. It boosts the brain’s immunity system and protects it from disorders. The supplement also supports vision, heart health, and cholesterol level. It will make you feel energized throughout the day.

The supplement has well-researched ingredients and is high in strength. It improves mental clarity, focus, and concentration. The supplement contains FloraGLO. It is an efficient ingredient that protects the vision. 

Neurofactor in the supplement boosts the nervous system and promotes healthy brain growth. It is the replacement of natural caffeine which provides energy to the brain. The ingredients promote calmness and relaxation.



  • It is organic 
  • The supplement supports the vision 
  • It improves cognition 
  • The supplement is manufactured in an FDA registered facility 
  • The ingredients are pure and safe


  • None

Best Natural Supplements for ADHD – Buying Guide

When the matter concerns our children, we all get a little picky and want to understand what kind of elements we are exposing to our children. All of it is understandable. 

Rest assured, the supplements for ADHD mentioned above are natural. There are a ton of manufacturers in the market right now and one can never be sure about the quality of each product. 

Hence, this buying guide contains key points explained in detail for you to look at before purchasing a supplement to treat your kids’ ADHD. 


Any element that enters our digestive tract to be absorbed into the intestinal lumen has a certain absorption rate which determines the availability of those elements for biological reactions. Bioavailability determines the number of chemicals that enter the circulatory system with respect to the total dose of certain supplements. 

Sometimes some specific elements have a higher bioavailability while the others are poorly absorbed in the system. All of this is part of the natural biological process. Some companies enhance the bioavailability of the key elements of their supplements by involving certain elements that enhance the absorption of the element from the gastrointestinal system. 

It is important to note the bioavailability of the supplement you will be giving to your children. This is because that amount of the supplement will be responsible for creating a positive change in the system of your hyperactive child. 

Moreover, there are certain methods through which you can enhance the bioavailability of elements yourself. These methods involve the time of intake and the method of intake which will be discussed later in the article. 

Organic Ingredients

Since the pharmacological medications are not specific to the treatment of ADHD rather they only treat the symptoms, it only seems logical to have the symptoms be treated via natural substances. But the natural substances are often unrefined and may include some toxic elements to them. 

Hence, we move towards supplements that have gone through the entire process of manufacturing. The manufacturing process removes the dirt and any toxic parts of the natural elements. Often, the process also involves isolating one key element that has a positive effect on the treatment of ADHD.

The list of ingredients mentioned in the supplement thus holds immense value. From that list, you can determine if the supplement you are going to give to your children contains all-natural ingredients or some synthetic ingredients as well. 

Even if the title of a supplement clearly says that it is a natural supplement, we advise you to still check the ingredients and composition list to be sure. If the supplement contains synthetic ingredients, then it defeats the point of being a natural supplement and one might as well take synthetic medication if one is to consume synthetic chemicals either way.

Method of Intake 

More often than not kids make a fuss about ingesting pills and capsules. This becomes an eternal struggle for the parents as there are no alternative methods for the treatment of their child’s disease. 

But what if we could tell you that there are certain supplements that can be easier to ingest for children. There are supplements in the form of capsules, pills, and liquids. While liquids have an advantage as they are preferred by children because of their ease of intake, sometimes the capsules hold much more valuable ingredients than the liquids. 

If you choose an oil-based liquid supplement, then to enhance the bioavailability of that supplement, choose the intake method involving the sublingual glands as they enhance the absorption rate up to 90 percent. 

But if you are set on a pill-based supplement, then choose the size of the capsule carefully. There are three sizes of capsules mainly 0, 00, and 000. The 0 size capsules are the smallest and are the best fit for children because they easily pass through their small esophagus. 

The method of intake also holds vital value in terms of bioavailability as the mode determines the rate of absorption for oil-based liquids. But for pills and capsules, the time of intake holds much more importance, as during breakfast we consume high fat and carbs and often these macronutrients are key to a higher absorption rate thus increasing the bioavailability of certain supplements. 

At last, the best way to take a supplement is the one advised by the manufacturers themselves as they know much more about their products’ absorption rate than anybody else. 

Manufacturing Process

Once you have made sure that the supplements you will be giving to your child keep their hyperactivity at bay it is vital to check the reputation of the manufacturing company so you may determine the quality of their manufacturing processes. 

Manufacturing processes play a key part in the production of a quality supplement. The removal of toxins and dirt and the addition of vitamins and minerals to enhance the overall functionality of supplements is a vital part of the production process. 

If the supplement is GMP certified which means that it has been identified to follow the good manufacturing processes set forth by regulatory authorities then you can rest your brain and feel safe because the manufacturing process must be top-notch to have received the GMP certification. 

Company’s Reputation 

There are hundreds of reviews present online and from them, you can determine the reputation of a company. Note that the best quality products are always mentioned in reviews of more than one blog because they have been proven to do wonders by consumers. 

True customer reviews are another way to determine the quality of a product and that company’s reputation in the market. A company that has been known to follow GMP and works under regulatory authorities such as FDA set to be the one to produce high-quality supplements. 

So, look for the GMP or any certification provided by regulatory authorities including FDA or ISO while purchasing a supplement for your kids. 

Third-Party Testing 

The truth of the composition table is revealed by third-party testing. Third-party labs are independent labs that test the authenticity of the composition list mentioned by the manufacturer. The company’s that opt for third party testing want their consumer to know that they are true to their ingredient list and their product does not contain any hidden chemicals which might impose any side effects. 

If you really want to make sure the quality of the supplement you will be giving to your child from a company that does not fall under any regulatory authorities then check for certification from a third-party lab. If the company publishes the results of independent testing then you ought to know that their product only contains the elements mentioned in the composition table. 


Since we are mainly discussing supplements produced from naturally occurring elements then it is vital to discuss the presence of allergens. Due to a hyper-reactive immune system and low exposure to certain environmental elements early in life, most kids develop allergies to naturally occurring elements that are otherwise safe to consume. 

Sometimes these allergies are also congenital which means that the genes are probably responsible for the allergic response to a harmless element. Common allergens include peanuts, soy, gluten, milk, environmental toxins, and toxins from fertilizers. 

If you know about the specific elements your child is allergic to then make sure to avoid supplements that contain those elements. But if your child has never ever presented the traits of an allergic response to any element still we would advise you to choose the hypo-allergic supplements to avoid any bad surprises. 

Many supplements produced these days are devoid of any allergy-causing elements but still it is wise to check the composition list by yourself. 


We all understand kids are picky about what they eat and their preferences are mainly based on the flavor and aroma of the food. The same nitpicking behavior also affects the child’s ability to ingest the supplements voluntarily because they might smell or taste like medicine. 

The way to avoid the entire argument with a hyperactive and irritable child over ingesting a supplement can be done by choosing flavored supplements and presenting them to your child as candy. 

Some companies understand the need for flavors in supplements because their main consumer base is children and as it always has been children are picky consumers. There are many flavors such as strawberry, orange, mint, etc. present in the supplements that only induce a nice taste and smell. 

If you are wondering that flavors might hinder the functionality of the supplement then stop worrying because in a natural supplement the flavors are also natural and organic. Just choose the flavor your child might like and prevent the entire struggle of forcing your child to take the supplement. 

But know that sometimes flavorful supplements are not an option for highly potent supplements because of their capacity to hold chemicals in full, at that time you will have to go through the struggle of argumentation with your child, and for that, we wish you the best of luck. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Do these supplements work on all types of ADHD affecting children?

A. There are three types of ADHD that have been identified in children to this date which include hyperactive ADHD, inattentive ADHD, and mixed ADHD. The supplements should work on all types but if in a rare scenario you don’t see an improvement in your child’s behavior with supplements you will have to move towards pharmacological intervention. 

Q. How to keep the ADHD of my child at bay?

A. There is no set treatment for ADHD hence you will have to employ natural supplements and various parenting methods to keep your child’s ADHD at bay. The most important thing is to keep the environment calm at all times and let them play during their hyperactive episodes so their extra energy is spent doing something productive. 

And do not force them to do something they feel agitated by because that will surely bring forth the worst symptoms of ADHD. 

Final Word 

It is not an easy task to manage a child with ADHD because it hinders all aspects of your own personal life. Even though parents love their children with all their hearts sometimes it can become unbearable to see your child suffer so greatly and have your entire world be turned upside down.

But know that there is a solution in the form of the best natural supplements for ADHD and one day your child will get better with age or with medication and at that point, everything will be perfect again!

Stay safe and healthy, folks!