Mind Lab Pro Review

Are you dealing with sleep problems, tossing, turning, and unable to shut your mind off at night? Do you wake up exhausted and battling with the effects of stress, anxiety, or noise in your brain? You might be suffering from insomnia or depression.

You are not alone, because around 30% to 35% have sleep-related disorders caused by depression or anxiety. These issues are more frequently found among women, older adults, and people with mental health problems.

Many people have problems sleeping because they have a very hectic schedule and routines that they cannot avoid. Such a fast-paced lifestyle can have some negative impacts on your mental and physical health.

Changing your lifestyles or habits can be pretty troubling. Plus, chemical-induced sleeping medication doesn’t do any good either. They might be pretty helpful in the beginning but are not that great in the long run.

Sleeplessness can cause many problems to the overall functioning of your brain. Finding a proper vegan-friendly formula is not that easy either that can help restore your sleep and brain health.

But all hope is not lost. In this Mind Lab Pro review, we’ll introduce you to this popular sleeping aid that will help your brain restore its energy and get back to its optimal functionality.

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Mind Lab Pro Review

Mind Lab Pro

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Prevents fatigue and insomnia
  • Avoids anxiety
  • Boosts your energy
  • No artificial ingredients

Mind Lab Pro is a safe and pure brain supplement. It contains all-natural ingredients and no artificial mixings. The supplement is a decent pick for healthy brain growth. The brain controls most of our actions and reactions. 

As we age, the brain loses its health. That is why these supplements are essential for brain health. Mind Lab Pro supports the nervous system and immunity system. It builds a wall that protects the brain from diseases.

Why choose Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is the first nootropic supplement formula of its kind that Opti-Nutra Ltd has developed. This nootropic drug can improve the cognitive functions of your brain and also improve your overall good health.

This drug’s consumption benefits all ages, but you need to have an active lifestyle for the best results. This drug can significantly enhance your memory retention, attention span, and routine function.

This drug also improves your mental clarity, creative processing, reduces anxiety, stress and boosts motivation. There are various nutrients present in the chemical composition of this supplement. You will experience improved mental activity and bio vitality.

Where is Mind Lab Pro developed?

Mind Lab Pro is a universal nootropic drug that is developed and manufactured entirely in New Jersey, USA. These capsules are approved by the Food Development Authority and are certified by Good Manufacturing Practice.

The officials at the Mind Lab Pro frequently test these capsules, and they make sure that all the prediction guidelines are strictly followed. Mind Lab Pro was originally designed and patented in the UK, while its manufacturing is in the USA. It means that the dietary supplement is available throughout the globe with fast shipping services.

What’s Mind Lab Pro?

It is the first-ever nootropic drug of its kind that improves the cognitive functions of your brain. It guarantees long-term overall good health. With the help of such a supplement, you will get a goodnight’s sleep. Your mind and body will restore the energy that is needed for the next day.

No matter what your age is, as long as you have a healthy lifestyle, this supplement will prove to be very beneficial for you. If you are a working professional, this Universal Nootropic will bolster your work performance and overall productivity.

It will enhance your focus along with problem-solving skills and creative thinking. You will also be able to multitask very well in various challenging situations.

It also has a Quality-of-Life variant formula that is designed for 55+ adults. This formula will help you maintain your positive mood, improve your memory, and verbal communication, and clarify your thoughts.

Mind Lab Pro is also excellent for competitors because it ensures a calm mindset and improves strategic thinking. Both these skills are mandatory for better performance in sports. As an athlete, you can boost your overall performance in the gym or during game time.

It can promote optimal brain chemistry and generate high motivation and willpower. It can also help students handle their stress well and boost their ability to learn, study, recall, and retain information for longer periods.

How Does Mind Lab Pro Work?

Mind Lab Pro

Taking care of your body is not limited to eating healthy foods or doing your exercise daily. You have to keep your brain in its optimal functioning conditions.

You can only do that with a nootropic drug with all-natural ingredients to make sure that there are no side effects. It is Food and Drug Administration approved, and Good Manufacturing Practice certified.

The Mind Lab Pro is the dietary supplement that has all the complex demands that your brain needs. It comes with 11 different nootropic supplements that work together in size different biopaths.

So it can optimize your cognitive functions in different manners so that your brain keeps working at its peak condition. The formulas don’t contain any additives or stimulants, or any harmful artificial chemicals. Therefore, you can safely consume it daily.

This supplement can help you adapt to those ever-changing cognitive and memory requirements. Plus, it can reduce the overall effects of any unwanted toxins and aging.

It works immediately and is suitable for long-term brain functioning and overall health.

You can unlock the power of your brain because its formulas work on strict criteria to improve your brain’s cognitive functionality. The chemical composition only has the proven nootropics without any theoretical compounds.

It comes with multiple brain-boosting capabilities. You won’t have to deal with any redundancy, thanks to its combined matrix.

The nootropics working in smaller amounts in a single capsule have a better effect and cater to a broader assortment.

The mind lab pro optimizes 6 different biopaths to ensure better cognitive functioning of your brain.  

●     Brain energy

Our brain is one of the most complex organs in our body. Therefore, it needs quality nutrients and regular activity to achieve the best performance.

Mind Lab Pro helps in getting rid of brain fog and eradicates fatigue. It supports quick thinking and improved mental energy. It assists in focusing and concentration for longer periods and allows you to accomplish your task with better results.

●     Brain chemistry

Mind Lab Pro also optimized your brain’s processing speed and memory to keep your mood positive and your focus sharp. It also keeps the motivation high.

●     Regeneration

It can repair, maintain, and nourish the brain cells’ regularity for positive growth and plasticity. Your brain will keep functioning at its optimal level at all times.

●     Brain waves

This nootropic drug is designed to promote alertness and calmness in your brain to ensure productivity, creativity, and learning for longer periods.

●     Brain circulation

This supplement will also help in oxygenating your brain and get rid of any toxins. It ensures that your brain keeps on receiving the neuronutrient that it needs to function properly.

●     Brain protection

Mind Lab Pro also helps your brain in fighting toxins and prevents any unproductive and unhealthy structural developments that might result in your brain’s deteriorating performance caused by aging.

Does Mind Lab Pro Contain Any Caffeine?

One of the best features of this nootropic drug is that it doesn’t contain any caffeine. Most of the nootropic drugs and brain boosters have caffeine in them, and you become almost addicted to these supplements over time. It is not going to happen when you use Mind Lab Pro.

These capsules contain natural ingredients and can assist you in alleviating anxiety and stress. It will allow you to tap into your brain’s vast potential and enable you to fulfill your active lifestyle demands.


Another one of this nootropic supplement’s best features is that the company provides you with a complete list of its ingredients with their exact quantities. So they are very transparent about what they have included in these capsules. You can conveniently consume the supplement according to your dietary needs and demands.


250mg of citicoline is present in each capsule as Cognizin. OptiNutra uses a patented formula for this nootropic without any stimulants, which are approved by clinical trials. This supplement boosts brain cell formation and increases this activity by 26%.

It also increases brain energy by more than 13%. With this ingredient, your brain can repair and regenerate cells faster for improved recovery, attention, memory retention, positive mood, and focus.


In Mind Lab Pro, it is present in the form of Sharp PS, and it has been extracted from sunflower lecithin. This ingredient is completely soy-free and is non-GMO. Apart from that, it is also eco-friendly.

According to clinical research, only 100mg of this ingredient maintains the fluidity in your brain cell membrane. Apart from that, this ingredient also improves glucose metabolism and repairs damaged brain cells to improve your mental clarity, long-term memory, socialization, and anxiety.

Bacopa monnieri

This ingredient is present up to 150mg per serving in Mind Lab Pro and is a full-spectrum extract standardized up to 24% bacosides. It has been calibrated for supplying 9 of the bioactive compounds of this herb to your brain.

With the help of bacopa monnieri, blood circulation through your brain improves, and your brain can maintain its chemical synthesis a lot more naturally. It not only helps in memory retention but also helps in the retention of any new knowledge.

Moreover, it improves focusses thinking, and it is extremely beneficial in studying. It will improve your brain cognitively and relax it under stress.

Lion’s mane mushroom

Here is one more organic ingredient in the Mind Lab Pro. This ingredient ensures the healthy production of erinacines and hericenones.

Lion’s mane mushroom stimulates the nerve growth factor and guarantees cognitive abilities to boost over time. It also helps with memory regeneration, brain plasticity, mood balance, recall, and new learning.

Maritime pine bark

Maritime pine trees have done well to adapt to their windswept and salty environments. They have been ab;e to do so by producing an antioxidant that serves to be a protective complex with the bark.

Each serving of Mind Lab Pro contains around 75mg in its strongest form. It can deliver up to 95% of proanthocyanidins for better blood flow and antioxidant activity within the brain. It enhances mental ability and can reverse the cognitive decline that is caused by aging.


175mg of the ingredients present in each serving, and the good thing is that the N-acetyl L-tyrosine is very easy to consume and absorb. It is more bioavailable as compared to plain tyrosine.

The ingredient here supports the synthesis of any stress-depleted neurotransmitters within your brain for improving mental performance. It can conveniently boost your brainpower to handle stress and anxiety, and even sleep deprivation. Your brain will be in a fast recovery mode at all times.


Mind Lab Pro has pure L-theanine in the form of Suntheanine. It boosts the alpha brainwaves. So you will feel more alert and won’t have to deal with any jittery effects that are directly related to caffeine.

Each serving of Mind Lab Pro comes with 100mg L-theanine that will calm your neurotransmitters like GABA, dopamine, and serotonin down and help you focus and maintain your composure. 

Rhodiola rosea

This ingredient has been standardized for a minimum of 1% salidroside and 3% of rosavins. Per serving, you will find 50mg of this ingredient in Mind Lab Pro. It will start affecting your system within half an hour from your consumption of this capsule, and these effects can last for up to six hours.

Therefore, it’s a dose-dependent ingredient that will strengthen your physical and mental resistance to stress. It also boosts calm and clean thinking even under challenging conditions. Apart from that, you will have a better attention span and an improved work capacity.


These vitamins are vital for your overall brain health and present in Mind Lab Pro as NutraGenesis. This nootropic supplement features vitamin B6, vitamin B9, and vitamin B12. They are present in whale food minerals and vitamins; these whole foods are lab-grown and are very easy to absorb.

These vitamins are responsible for balancing out homocysteine metabolism, ensuring brain chemical synthesis and better blood flow. These ingredients promote better mood balance, mental performance, increased information storage with a reduced cognitive decline. 

Mind Lab Pro & Memory Recall

Many ingredients are present in Mind Lab Pro that will assist you with your memory at different levels. Some of these ingredients are citicoline (250mg), Lion’s mane mushroom (500mg), and bacopa monnieri (150mg). All these three ingredients are clinically proven to ensure memory recall.

But the best part is that these ingredients are not only limited to improving your memory recall. They are also helpful in boosting your mental clarity, focus, attention, and cognition under stressful conditions.

Benefits of Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro helps improve the overall brain function and enables you to utilize your full brain power to its maximum potential of cognitive processing. It is safe for people of all ages, and they can continue to perform their regular activities without any issues.

These capsules will enhance your abstract, creative and strategic thinking. Your attention span will increase significantly, and you’ll be able to handle double your workload when the situation calls for it.

You will experience increased energy levels over some hours because Mind Lab Pro boosts your mental processing speeds and multitasking performance. It also improves your mental retention and recall.

Whether you are a business professional or a student, you will find using this nootropic supplement very useful. You will also pursue your goals with more desire to succeed.

With brain regeneration and the neuroprotection process, this supplement will reduce your brain’s cognitive decline that occurs with age. It means that you will have an increased concentration and better control over your ability to communicate fluidly and be more social.

You will be able to focus better and will also be able to rest better because this supplement also controls the overprocessing. It means that you won’t have to deal with any burnout at all.  The only thing is that you will have to carry on consuming these capsules regularly. For the best results, you will have to do that no matter what.

Mind Lab Pro is All About Quality

There are numerous benefits that this nootropic supplement has to offer you. All the credit goes to the high-quality ingredients that the company has used to construct the formula. Quality is at its best when it comes to the Universal Nootropic!

Cleanest supplement available on the market

It is by far the purest and cleanest supplement that you will find on the market. Each of the capsules comes with nootropic nutrients in high potency to unlock your brain power without using any additives or stimulants.

Premium-quality ingredients

OptiNutra has used organic and all-natural ingredients in the development of this formula. Each of these ingredients is lab-grown and is freshly botanically sourced from the top supplier across the globe.

Max nootropic performance

The nootropic supplement Mind Lab Pro reaches its best in performance with its NutriCap capsule casings to ensure easy absorption without any digestive issues.

Suitable for all ages

As it is a universal nootropic, it means that this supplement is suitable to be consumed by people of all ages. It can significantly optimize and nourish your brain’s cognitive power to maintain healthy functioning. It’s a gluten-free nutrient that is also allergen-free, caffeine-free, and free from any substance-tested ingredients.

Highly effective outcomes

It has a quality-driven and highly innovative formula that supports the overall functioning of your brain. As a result, you will have a peak performance stage that will adapt to the ever-changing cognitive requirements with time.

Quality control

All batches of Mind Lab Pro are resected for their purity and potency. All the capsules undergo disintegration and dissolution. It ensures better bioavailability and absorption within the digestive tract. As this is a superfood, you won’t have any trouble digesting it, as is the case with some of the supplements.

Production and manufacturing assurances

OptiNutra tests and quarantines all the ingredients before they are used in the manufacturing process. Therefore, the formula doesn’t contain any microbes. Herbicides, allergens, pesticides, or GMOs.

NutriCaps delivery

One of the features that sets it apart from its competition is that Mind Lab Pro comes with NutriCsp encasing 100% natural and vegan. It is made of tapioca, and the encasing makes sure that the capsules and their nutrients are easy to digest with the help of easy digestive semi-synthetic polymers.


You will receive your capsules in a recyclable cardboard box that has biodegradable peanut packing. These capsules also feature environmentally conscious sustainable ingredients such as NutraGenesis, and Sharp PS Green, along with three different types of B-vitamins.

Safety measures

This universal nootropic drug is completely safe and secure with a clean label and premium quality ingredients in their enhanced forms along with standardized herbs.

Side Effects of Mind Lab Pro

This nootropic supplement has been developed with evidence-based advanced research and superior quality ingredients in their enhanced forms. Therefore, there are no side effects that this supplement comes with. If you consume it correctly, you won’t have to deal with any side effects at all.

There are 11 components in this formula that comes with a clean label. It means that the formula doesn’t contain any artificial colors, preservatives, caffeine, GMOs, or gluten. You can describe it as a brain-boosting formula that doesn’t contain any harmful substances.

It’s pretty easy to absorb, and the quality assurance team has been extremely cautious with what they are releasing in the market. Therefore, it is 100% safe to be consumed by people of all ages. 

However, there are always a few cautionary potions that you need to keep in mind while consuming this nootropic supplement. You need to make sure that you don’t take Mind Lab Pro with other nootropic drugs or supplements and any other cognitive enhancers.

Otherwise, you will end up experiencing many headaches and digestive discomfort. Jitteriness and insomnia are other issues you will have to deal with. Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women have to be careful when consuming these nootropic supplements. For this, they will have to consult their doctors first.

In addition to that, you will have to keep consuming these capsules regularly without any gaps and make sure you have an active lifestyle.

Mind Lab Pro Discount Codes

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic drug that is a premium quality over-the-counter supplement available in-stores and online at OptiNutra exclusively.

The company offers different types of discounts throughout the year, and you can get these discount codes directly available on their website. At the moment, the company is offering a 10% discount on each bottle that comes with 60 capsules.

This offer is available till the stocks last and has no cash equivalent. The supplement is shipped anywhere across the globe. You will receive a tracking number as soon as the order is dispatched. Apart from that, there are three other ways from where you can get your Mind Lab Pro discount code.

  • You will get a bottle free when you order three bottles, and you will get a 10% discount as well. Additionally, you will also get a free bottle of MCT Oil by Performance Lab.
  • When you order 2 bottles, you will get a 10% discount on each of them and a discount for standard serving.
  • When you order one bottle, you will get a 10% discount on your bottle with a discount for standard serving.

How to Take Mind Lab Pro?

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Mind Lab Pro

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Prevents fatigue and insomnia
  • Avoids anxiety
  • Boosts your energy
  • No artificial ingredients

Mind Lab Pro Nootropic drug is designed to help you improve your cognitive thinking and has more control over it while improving your daily performance.

It is a great choice for anyone who wants to boost his/her brainpower. But you will have to have an active lifestyle to get the most of these capsules. These capsules are pretty simple to eat and swallow with water.

After consuming your first dose of Mind Lab Pro, you will start feeling the difference right away in your mental acuity. Within 2 weeks, you will have a significant difference in your overall mental functioning.

You will have to consume these tablets for better results for a month and then assess the performance.

The recommended dose of Mind Lab Pro

The recommended daily dosage of Mind Lab Pro is two capsules. You have to consume one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. But if you are planning to boost your mineral performance and prepare yourself for an exam or work, you can also consume four tablets.

But make sure that you don’t take more than the recommended dose. Otherwise, you will start experiencing some side effects. Once you have been consistently consuming these capsules for four months, it is recommended to stop taking them for at least a week.

What if I have missed a dose?

If you have missed a dosage, you can conveniently take one more dose next time to keep the consumption count consistent. It will allow you to take three doses in a day. You will have to make sure that you don’t take more than four doses in a day. But for better results, it is recommended that you consume your daily doses.

Can I consume more capsules for quicker results?

For faster results, you can go for four capsules a day. But if you are asking about consuming more to boost the results, then no, you can’t do that. Four tablets a day ensures better performance when you need it to accomplish more cleaning tasks at work or study, for example.

Also, make sure that you don’t consume four tablets daily to get faster results. And we are not saying this because there are any harmful ingredients present in the formula of Mind Lab Pro.

All the ingredients are organic and natural, and they are safe to consume. Still, they shouldn’t be consumed excessively because they have high potency and purity to produce results at the given dosage.

You can conveniently follow the Mind Lab Pro package instructions and strictly follow them for the best results. You might not want to go faster than that because you will end up dealing with severe headaches and intestinal problems.

Final Word

Mind Lab Pro is the best universal nootropic supplement that contains 11 supplements all combined in one. It means that you won’t need to consume any other brain booster or nootropic drug alongside it.

It is made of high-quality ingredients that are used to make sure that Mind Lab Pro does a fine job in boosting your overall physical health as well as your mental ability and performance.

But for best results, you need to be sure that you consume the supplement in a dosage that is recommended and is given on the package instruction.

You can consume two capsules daily (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). But if you need to boost your capabilities quickly, you can consume four capsules.

But keep in mind, don’t continue consuming four capsules daily. Otherwise, you will have to deal with some side effects such as headaches or digestive problems. Be sure not to consume these capsules in such a quantity daily and go with the mentioned instruction. 

These capsules are great for people of all ages as long as you have an active lifestyle. If you don’t have one, these capsules won’t produce the results you are looking for. Plus, you will also have to deal with some digestive issues again.

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Mind Lab Pro

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Prevents fatigue and insomnia
  • Avoids anxiety
  • Boosts your energy
  • No artificial ingredients