Human Memory – Facts

  • It has been proven by scientific research that the human brain starts to remember things from the womb. The memory starts to work just 20 weeks after conception.
  • Short-term memory only lasts 20 to 30 seconds.
  • The human brain’s storage capacity is virtually limitless.
  • Caffeine only helps to increase alertness, it doesn’t maintain memory performances.
  • Sleep is significant to memory. Sleep helps in the retrieval and storage of long-term memories.
  • Many people link aging with memory loss. However, the memory loss people experience as they age is because they tend to exercise their brains less.
  • Your memory has the ability to associate a scent with a particular occurrence or event.
  • Researchers are starting to understand that the human minds can re-invent, distort, exaggerate or create a memory after any traumatic experience or event that affected them greatly.
  • Just like any other part of your body, exercise is also important for your brain. The more you try to think about a memory, you can remember it more accurately. In fact, when you think, it creates a stronger connection between active neurons.