Neurosurgeon Job Description Guide

Quick facts:

  1. Average Neurosurgeon Salary: $513,000 a year
  2. Typical Job Duties: Brain and spinal cord surgery, and interpreting results of brain scans

Neurosurgeon Job

The job of a neurosurgeon is not an easy one, but it has been known to be very fulfilling. So, what is a neurosurgeon and what do they do? Typically a day’s duties consist of analyzing the results from common brain scans like MRI, PET, and CT scans. The surgeon will then try to determine a where a source of a problem lies, as in which part of the brain lies the issue. In addition, these doctors also perform brain surgery and diagnose concussions.

While the average neurosurgeon salary can vary in small increments, the job duties really do not. So how exactly do you become a neurosurgeon? Glad you asked!

Typically, four years of medical school is required followed by six to seven years of residency, or specific training.

During these years, one will learn the specific techniques and other procedures necessary in being a successful brain surgeon.