Quick facts:

  1. Location: Part of the forebrain, below the corpus callosum
  2. Function: Responsible for relaying information from the sensory receptors to proper areas of the brain where it can be processed


The thalamus is similar to a doctor that diagnoses, or identifies, a patient’s disease or sickness. It diagnoses different sensory information that is being transmitted to the brain including auditory (relating to hearing or sound), visual, tactile (relating to touch), and gustatory (relating to taste) signals. After that, it directs the sensory information to the different parts and lobes of the cortex. If this part of the brain is damaged, all sensory information would not be processed and sensory confusion would result.

Quick Quiz

True of False? Which of the following statements (sentences) could occur if there was damage to the thalamus?

  1. Visual sensory information could be wrongly sent to the auditory processing center
  2. That person would not be walk properly
  3. That person would not be able to write
  4. Sensory confusion could result
  5. Sensory information would not be correctly processed

Answers: 1. True, 2. False, 3. False, 4. True, 5. True